Billy Bowyer; M.A., BCMLC, is a Board Certified Master Life Coach specializing in results and relationship coaching. He helps others achieve the results they desire through goal setting, planning and taking action while keeping them accountable throughout the process.


Billy, a 5th generation culinarian, entered the restaurant business in 1988 as a dishwasher and worked his way up to a chef’s position by 1992.  Serving as both an executive and a pastry chef, he has achieved many goals; running a multi-million dollar restaurant with over 100 employees, owning his own catering company, performing television shows, being nominated as chef of the year and publishing his own cookbook are just a few of the accolades he has earned.  And as a chef, Billy has trained numerous apprentice chefs, using the same system he uses with coaching clients, to help them become a chef and catapult their culinary careers.


With all of his accomplishments it may seem Billy grew up with a picturesque life.  However, this is not the case.  Many of his family members are in prison due to drug related charges.  He was bullied because he was born with severe clubbed feet which caused him to wear braces much like the movie “Forrest Gump” until he was 13.  He rarely made friends because he moved frequently, attending as many as four schools in one year.  Due to a diagnosed learning disability, Billy had to attend “special” classes and was told in high school not to attend college because he would never make it.  All of this caused anger and self esteem issues which haunted him for years.  Billy had the epiphany; “you can become better or bitter”, therefore he chose to see his obstacles as stepping stones.  This attitude adjustment helped him realize if he wanted different results he needed to change the way he thought.  This new way of thinking gave vastly different results which helped him achieve his goals.


Billy teaches if you do not like your results then change the way you think and it will change your results; “It is not where you are or have been, but rather where you want to go, the choice is yours and you are only one wise choice from greatness.”  Billy offers a wide range of programs and services including culinary health coaching, life coaching, talks and workshops, leadership studies and culinary team building events.


Billy is married to Danielle and has three daughters, and a grandson.

Billy Bowyer; MA, BCMLC
Results Facilitator
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5 Little known but interesting facts about Billy

1.  Even as a classic trained chef, if he is having an off day his favorite meal is cheeseburger hamburger helper (homemade of course!)

2.   He started a homeless feeding program in 2002 which is still active today

3.   His three favorite hobbies are BMX racing, Golf and Public speaking...odd combination!

4.  His grandson is only 18 months younger than his youngest daughter...this makes life interesting

5.  He was expelled from pre-school, told never to attend college, but now has a masters degree.