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Welcome to The Results Foundation

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the same routine? 

67% of Americans say their daily life rarely strays from normal routine.  81% feel they are creatures of habit, 1 in 5 have not shaken up their schedules in 10 years, 8% have had the same routine for over 2 decades.

Do you feel like there is more to life?

77% are looking for ways to add more adventure to their daily routines and lives

Do you feel fulfilled in your current job?

1 in 5 are unhappy, 22% see little career path, 26% feel unfulfilled.

How do you keep from merely being a statistic?

Having a clear path according to Tamryn Hennessy of Rasmussen College.

The Results Foundation is here to help!

The purpose of The Results Foundation is to help others achieve the results they desire. 

Thoughts create the beliefs that direct our choices which generates our actions, thus producing the desired results.  Therefore, the desired results are achieved by acquiring a new way of thinking.


Our Vision is to...

·  Connect with others and give them a sense of worth by letting them know; (1) they have greatness within, and (2) they can achieve what they set their mind to

·  Help foster better relationships between individuals

·  Help individuals find a sense of direction and purpose for their lives

·  See individuals we work with begin to help foster change in the lives of others


How we accomplish this...

Results Coaching discovers why specific results are not being achieved and develops a plan of action to achieve the desired results.  The coach uses the plan to guide the individual , or group, through the process of achieving the new results.

Talks and Workshops focuses on different aspects of obtaining new results through thinking differently delivered in captivating talks which offer practical applications that may be put into practice immediately.

Leadership Studies are interactive studies which examine leadership principals and practical ways they may be applied.

Team Building is used to create unity and trust within groups and organizations.  Team building helps to create a unified vision which everyone can share and believe in.


Why we do this…

We believe all people, regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status, have worth!  We also believe many people have areas in their lives which they would like to achieve different results.  However, many of these people fall into one of two categories; (1) they have not had the opportunity to achieve different results, or (2) they simply do not know how to do so

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